We decided to take a break from our 2009 posts, to retreat back to a post that spans the whole decade.  Previously we treated you to theHills cast’s least honorable moments.  Thought it was fun to stroll down memory lane on that post, we’re feeling a bit more positive today so we took a stab at their best moments.


Whitney was full of good moments during her time on theHills.  Back when theHills saved a little space for work lives, her most honorable moment was probably getting the job at Teen Vogue over Super Intern Emily.  Emily was so annoying with her constant condescending tone.  She acted like Whitney and Lauren were her flunkies instead of her peers.  While Emily may have received another offer, Whitney got this offer.  MTV sure made it seem like Whitney was victorious over Emily, and we sure smiled.


Audrina’s best moment was turning down Spencer’s disgusting attempts to woo her.  Before his beard got all long and flesh toned, he was just as creepy.  Thinking he was smooth taking Audrina and Heidi to the same restaurants, and sending Audrina flowers, he really was creeptastic.  Audrina proved he was someone only a Heidi Montag could fall for.  After initial slip ups indulging Spencer by accompanying him to dinner and to Pinkberry, Audrina put an end to his fiascoes, and promptly alerted Heidi of his actions.  Heidi initially thought Audrina was dating Spencer behind her back, but once Audrina figured out what was going on she did not.  Audrina was a much better judge of character back in the day.


As the protagonist of the show, Lauren has had lots of great moments.  The first one that comes to our minds comes from the most dramatic Hills season in our opinion, season 3.  It was during this season that everyone had Hills on their brains.  In this particular episode, Heidi was going to Lauren’s to try to apologize.  We now know that Heidi’s apology was only half-hearted since she was secretly going home to Spencer and thinking of ways to stab Lauren in her back more as she later depicted in her book How to Be Famous. Lauren saw through this and simply left Heidi with “I want to forgive you, and I wanna forget you.”

The debate raged on whether Lauren was taking it too far and should forgive Heidi or whether she was doing the right thing by dismissing her.  Well, there is no debate anymore as all the Lauren nay sayers realize she did the right thing.  She saw through the Heidi apology and saw a dark horse behind her trying to take her place, waiting for any moment of weakness Lauren showed.


This one is hard.  Really hard.  For Heidi, it has to be pre-Spencer and those moments are hard to conjure up in our heads.  But alas, we did and it’s way back in season one.  Before the surgeries, before the fame.  Good ole’ Colorado Heidi was there for Lauren, or “Woobie” as Jason called her, at a club on New Year’s Eve after a jealous Jason threatened to break up with Lauren.  Lauren stormed out and hailed a cab.  Lauren told Heidi she could stay because she didn’t want to ruin her night, but being the good friend that she was, Heidi wouldn’t take no for an answer and left her boyfriend, Jordan, and hopped in the taxi alongside her friend.  Could you imagine Heidi doing something like that now?


We loved when Stephanie called her brother out and told him that by holding on to his millions of eternal grudges, he was going to be a lonely miserable man if he didn’t shape up.  She took the words out of all of our mouths, and finally stood up to someone who has bullied her her whole life.


We must admit that Kristin was one of our favorites on Laguna Beach, if not our very favorite.  She had a lot of great moments particularly when turning boys who were otherwise “players” to putty in her hand.  On theHills our task is a little harder.  But there was that one moment where we saw flashes of the old Kristin.

For one she called Audrina out on how she should feel embarrassed at how Justin has treated her for six years.  For you Audrina fans, this should be one of your moments too because it will hopefully one day help wake Audrina up from the bad nightmare that is/was Justin.

But the best moment was later in the season when Kristin told Justin she didn’t want a boyfriend.  Justin, not used to hearing “no’s” after dating Audrina on and off again for nearly the entire decade, told Kristin to let him know once she made her decision.  Duh, she already made the decision to leave him alone.   Kristin eventually gave in to Justin’s relentless pleas in the end, but this did not diminish the moment since she basically brought Justin to his knees.  Plus, this relationship was all just acting.

What are your best moments?